Examples from our offer

Security systems, locating
and monitoring of vehicles.


We believe that a piece of nature or the information our visitors find here will be an inspiration to them with regard to nature and learning about it.

We build stores with minerals, fossils and jewellery under the name Geosvět as a part of our projects focused on the presentation of the historical evolution of Earth and nature. The offer in our stores is focused not only on experts, such as geologists and goldsmiths, but mainly a wide range of visitors. Some buy their first mineral here, others a publication to inspire them to take outings in nature. A large part is devoted to jewellery. Here mainly women will find something they like.

The first of the stores is a part of the "Gallery of minerals and fossils" at Londýnská street no. 55 in Prague 2, see map. It is the biggest specialized store of its kind in the Czech Republic. Everyone can choose their stone or gem from the vast collection and many kinds of goods.

You can find the second Geosvět store in the Prague Botanic garden, in the Fata Morgana hot-house, see map. This store is inside the hot-house, by the passage to its third part. It is smaller in size and offers a selection from our collection, focused on our joint projects with the Botanic garden.