Examples from our offer

Security systems, locating
and monitoring of vehicles.

GEOSVĚT - Botanic garden

tropical hot-house Fata Morgana

You will find the Geosvět store in the Prague Botanic garden, in the Fata Morgana hot-house, see map. This store is directly inside the hot-house, near the passage to its third part. It's not very big and the offer is a selection from our collection, focused on joint projects with the Botanic garden.

In our shop you will mainly find:

This place is also an information and presentation space for our projects.

If you do not find what you are looking for here, we recommend visiting our company store at Londýnská 55, Prague 2. That is where our company has its registered seat and also a Gallery of minerals and fossils.

At the same time we would like to invite you to tour the Botanic garden and see our exterior exhibitions. There is an exhibition of petrified wood in the north-end area and exhibition of polished petrified wood in the south-end area.

For more information please see our website section projects or the website of our partner Prague Botanic Garden.