Geotrade Bohemia, in cooperation with the Prague Botanic garden, prepared an exhibition of the Petrified Forest. You may see it at the Botanic garden.

Petrified Forest

Report from the GEOSVĚT 2006 exhibition

The third year of the Geosvět 2006 exhibition once again took place on the representative premises of Národní dům at Vinohrady, Náměstí Míru, Prague 2 on February 25. - 26., 2006.

Inauguration on February 25th, 2006 at 9.00 AM.

On Saturday there were many interested visitors.

On Sunday, thanks to the finale of the Olympic games there were less visitors, but all the more peace and room for viewing exhibits and comfortably buying gifts and additions to collections.

The exhibit contest "Mineralogical curiosities" attracted many visitors.

Demonstration of gem grinding.

The traditional ballot and happy winners.