Accommodation in Prague:,

Security systems, locating
and monitoring of vehicles.

Exchange markets

These exhibits are organized as events of an importance suited to the capital city. We believe you have managed to find room in your diary of similar events and help introduce tradesmen, exhibitors and producers from EU countries to our market. We are addressing countries outside of Europe as well. We are offering you the chance to participate in this exchange as well (INVITATION here). The tradition of sales exhibits of minerals, jewellery, fossils and equipment of collectors GEOSVĚT begun in 2004. We believe it has become a European-level event and found its way not only to experts, but the lay public as well.

GEOSVĚT 2004,   GEOSVĚT 2005,   GEOSVĚT 2006,   GEOSVĚT 2007,

GEOSVĚT 2008,   GEOSVĚT 2009,  GEOSVĚT 2010