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Sun city

1. Presentation of various types of renewable energy resources

This presentation will assume the form of information panels and demonstrative aids, which will acquaint the visitors, in an interesting popular science form, with the individual types of utilizing renewable resources, modern trends in this area, including the newest technologies. For this presentation we are counting on the participation of top manufacturers and importers of technologies designated for energy production from renewable resources and on the presentation of their superb products.

2. Building an information centre for renewable resources

A suitable place for building the information centre for renewable resources is the building of the former director's offices in the southern area of the premises, which is looking for new inhabitants after the new administrative building by the Fata Morgana hot-house was finished. This information centre could take part in the projects in preparation in the former building. A part of the information centre will be focused on a program for children and youths, popularizing renewable resources and ecology.

3. Building of an operational park of renewable resources

3.1 Solar plant

One of the goals of this project is the building of an operational example of a renewable resource. The slope above the Fata Morgana hot-house faces south, making it the ideal position for building a solar plant. Energy thus produced will be used to heat the hot-house, whether directly, or through a distribution network.

3.2 Wind micro-plant

Between the Fata Morgana hot-house and southern exposition there is a suitable spot on the ridge of the hill to build a wind micro-plant.

The term micro-plant is important, because the facility is not supposed to be a new dominant of this space. The same applies to the above said solar plant. The manufactured electrical energy will be utilized in the water-pumping system described below.

3.3 Water plant

One of the biggest problems of the Botanic garden is the absence of its own plentiful water source. One possibility is pumping water from the Vltava river. This alternative could utilize the power from renewable resources for pumping.

4. Operating the "Sun city" park of renewable resources

The goal of this project is maximum familiarization of the wide public with the problematic of renewable resources. Practically this means that not only the information centre, but also the individual installed plants will be publicly accessible to the maximum possible degree. This will serve as a connecting point between the theoretical part of the trail and practical utilization.

The following questions remain to be answered:

* What is the consumption of the Fata Morgana hot-house and what part of it should be set off for the solar plant

* What is the water consumption for watering and how large and in what part of the garden should the retention tank be for pumping water from the Vltava

* What is the maximum permissible height of the wind micro-plant columns in meters


To ensure an ideal means of financing the following options (resources) should be addressed

a. own resources

b. strategic partner ČEZ, EON, PRE

c. donation of the Ministry for the Environment

d. funds of the Prague City Hall

e. grant tender

f. producers of renewable resource technologies

g. EU funding

On behalf of GEOTRADE Bohemia a.s. Jiří Ruml, Chairman of the Board

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