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Sun city


Contribution of BZ and GEOTRADE Bohemia, a.s. to the project Green city


The Czech Republic, as a partner state of the EU project, undertook to increase the share of renewable resources to 20% of energy production from renewable, so-called clean resources by year 2020.

It will not be easy, with regard to the term, to fulfil this task. This is due not only to the limited possibilities for the installation and exploitation of these resources, but also due to lack of information regarding such resources and their use, especially in view of their effects on the environment.

Many of the installations of equipment for use of renewable resources that are in preparation now are viewed locally with distrust and fear. That is why especially the lay public must understand this problematic. It's the only way that we can use our natural resources purposefully, efficiently, with general understanding of the problematic.

That is why we propose to create an educational nature trail concerned with the problematic of renewable resources of energy, called the "Sun city", on the premises of the Prague garden in Troja.

The Botanic garden, which aims to, among other goals, protect nature and educate the public in the field of ecology, is the most suitable place for presenting renewable resources.

Project objectives:

1. Presenting various types of renewable resources of energy­

2. Building an information centre for renewable resources

3. Building an operational park of renewable resources

4. Operating the park of renewable resources "Sun city"

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