Geotrade Bohemia, in cooperation with the Prague Botanic garden, prepared an exhibition of the Petrified Forest. You may see it at the Botanic garden.

Petrified Forest

Petrified forest

Created within the scope of a joint project of the Prague Botanic garden and Geotrade, a.s.. You will find it at the Prague Botanic garden in Troja.
The petrified woods are from Czech localities in Horní Bříza near Pilsen and the vicinity of Radvanice u Trutnova.

Petrified trunk from Horní Bříza from the Týnec complex of strata, Carboniferous (Stefan) - age 303 million years.
Other specimens come from the area Radvanice u Trutnova from the Odolov complex of strata, Carboniferous (Stefan) - age 302 million years.

Hundreds of millions of years ago the tree trunks (mostly auracaria) were covered by a layer of sediments, seeped through with quartz solution from nearby rocks, subsequently due to other geological processes (tectonic, erosion) they reappeared on the top.

Thanks to these processes the world has localities known as petrified forests. The best known in our country, as illustrated here, today nearly devastated thanks to human activities, was the petrified forest near Trutnov in the Jestøebí mountains. The largest known in the world is the national park Petrified Forest in Arizona (USA). These unique natural areas are what we are trying to recreate here on a small scale. Exemplary disintegration of two tree trunks.

The authors of the project would like to thank for help in its preparation:
Geotrade a.s., Local council Radvanice, Slavětín municipality, kaolin mine Lassesberger a.s. in Horní Bříza.

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