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Crystals of the North - Norway


Wiew of granite ridge I. with marked out mined cavitiesI. Quartz crystals, semi-transparent ice crystals, partially covered by red-brown feldspar.
The crystals are both loose and growing in druses of up to several kilograms, their length reaches up to 30 cm. The druses are either adjacent to the walls of crevices or in silt. By the „floaters“ there are perfectly developed double-sided crystals.

II. Narrow cracks on the walls of the druse of tightly packed crystals, length up to 5 cm.

III., IV. Large cavities, robust crystals sized up to 30 cm. Tremendous colour scale. From lightly smoky, transparent to non-transparent black. Frequent phantoms. Some druses weigh over 100 kg.

V. Milky crystals grown over by several generations of quartz, sometimes grown together into the shape of a butterfly. Size up to 7 cm.

Author with his great findVI., VII. Milky crystals with semi-transparent tips combined with cannon crystals of calcite. Size up to 7 cm.

And so began four days of digging, cut fingers and superb finds. Every evening, in the rays of the low-lying sun, we pick the best exemplars, wrap them and pack in backpacks. We walk through the marsh wearily, carefully avoiding the plentiful mushrooms and reach the car exhausted. At night we sleep like logs, with only dreams of crystal cities with crystal church towers.

Unfortunately I cannot reveal the exact locality of the crystals. I promised my Norwegian friends. It was an experience to remember forever and I am thankful to everyone for letting me be there.

J. Ruml, Geosvět, Londýnská 55, 120 21 Prague 2

Author, Lars, Elen on the wall of ridge I.

Lars with a druse of ice crystals from a cavity in locality I.

Author, Lars with a druse of smoke quartz of more than 50 kg from ridge IV.

Author in the biggest morion cavity on ridge IV.
The author of all above pictures is Ing. Jan Prokopec.

Morion druse from ridge IV.; 6 cm.

One of the largest druses of semi-transparent crystal from ridge I.

Semi-transparent crystal with cannon crystals
on calcite from ridge no. IV.; 6 cm.

Crystal from ridge I.; 15 cm.

Adjoining crystalline crystals from ridge II.; 5 cm.

Crystal druse from ridge.; 10 cm.
Stones photographed by Milan Šusta

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